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Technology transfer

The Titanium slag manufacturing technology of SQC is highly regarded by international experts as the region’s most advanced, meeting the stringent requirements of safety and environment protection. For the sake of sustainable development, SQC went the extra mile in investment to achieve the current level of eco-friendliness.

The delivery of the 6,300KVA furnace is a testimony to the judiciousness of the Corporation’s choice of technology. After its operation period, the 6,300KVA furnace proved its overwhelmingly outstanding characteristics in terms of technical standards and economic benefits over 2,500KVA or 3,500KVA furnaces.

With the aspiration to set the country of Vietnam on the world map of Titanium-based products, SQC aims at higher targets, for instance to produce Sponge, Titanium dioxide and Titanium alloy – the deep-processed products of Titanium slag. These products are materials for industrial production that requires higher technical standards, such as in the automobile manufacturing (exhaust pipe), electricity (heat-relief system), astronautics (airframe, rocket skin, etc.), healthcare products, etc. These will create added values for investors and concurrently make further contributions to the society, especially to speed up the development of science and technology in Vietnam.

With the desire to side with the mining and processing companies in the industry of Titanium in Vietnam, SQC is willing to transfer technology selectively to other enterprises in order to implement the policy of the State, enhance value and create more added value for titanium products – the resources of our country, and help protect the environment; increase export value, better contribute to the national budget and help promote the economic development of the country.


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