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Presently, SQC offers these major products:

  • Crude ores exploited at ore fields with TiO2 content of 30% - 40%
  • Zircon, Rutile
  • Refined ores (Ilmenite) with TiO2 content of 52%
  • Titanium slag with TiO2 content of up to 93%

The products of SQC are cautiously monitored during the whole manufacturing process, from raw materials input to final product output, to ensure the best quality.

Crude ores

Crude ores are extracted from the mineral sand ores, with the TiO2 content of 30% - 40%. In the manufacturing process, crude ores will continue to be used as the material to produce refined ores (Ilmenite) with a higher content of TiO2.


High-content Zircon is used in the production of building materials, such as glazed tiles, pottery and porcelain products, etc. and electronics manufacturing.


The Rutile products of SQC have high content and are frequently used in the production of welding electrode.

Refined ores (Ilmenite)

Processed from crude ores, TiO2 content of 30 – 40% can be raised through the refining processing to up to 52% in SQC refined ores. Refined ore is the input to produce Titanium slag.

Titanium slag

SQC can output Titanium slag products at TiO2 content of up to 93%, depending on the requirements of customers. These are by far of the best purity Titanium products in Vietnam. In addition, the whole self-contained technology process, from the initial phase of exploiting placer deposits at ore fields to refining them into Ilmenite and to the final phase of slag, is performed and monitored strictly so as to achieve optimum production cost.


White cast iron

White cast iron, as the by-products of Titan slag, is used as the input material in the steel industry.


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